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About us

MOMS is a well known Producer and Exporter of Manganese Oxide, a perfect product which have no direct comparison with its competitors since more then decade. Our product is used worldwide in animal feed, agriculture, and other industries too, like manufacturing Manganese Sulphate, Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide, etc.,

Above 75% of our production is exported all over the world in various countries like Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Israel, Taiwan, Bangkok etc.

MOMS prefers to serves as a distributor of their products, typically on an exclusive basis.

Reason of establish factory in Nagpur (Centre of India):
* Manganese ore, which is available from Manganese Ore (India) Limited (A Government undertaking Co. certified as ISO whose Manganese is considered one of the best worldwide).


  * We have dry port facility available here through which we deliver the containers at very reasonable time for shipment.

We are committed to produce Natural products of Highest Quality Standards in our pursuit for customer satisfaction.